Protecting Earth. Promoting Industry.

Viaflex, the leading manufacturer of innovative polymer film and sheeting solutions for agricultural, construction, energy, geomembrane, industrial, telecom, and installation services, is dedicated to identifying the products, systems, and services best suited to tackle complicated containment issues. Viaflex is a fully integrated system from design through installation.

With decades of experience, Viaflex has developed a reputation for producing and shipping high-quality, American-made products to major U.S. and worldwide markets. Viaflex is committed to fully sustainable operations and is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

Dedicated to protecting the earth while promoting industry, Viaflex’s team of experts works with you to create and install purpose-built systems that are effective, durable and incredibly reliable.

Colorado Lining International celebrates Earth Day

Committed to Sustainability

At Viaflex, sustainability is central to our purpose of protecting Earth and promoting industry. To achieve our sustainability goal, we focus on four key pillars: environmental protection, resource management, customer value, and social responsibility.

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Viaflex FeedFresh Agriculture Product

Revolutionizing Silage Storage with FeedFresh®

We know harvesting and storing silage is expensive. FeedFresh, our silage cover, helps producers feed more and waste less.

FeedFresh is a seven-layer, reinforced silage cover that is produced from flexible, high-strength, premium polyethylene resins. FeedFresh is thinner, lighter, and stronger than other feed or silage covers, and it contains an added inner layer of EVOH barrier — with virtually zero oxygen transmission rate — that keeps silage fresher for longer, yet is easy to install.

Watch our video to learn more about FeedFresh.

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Viaflex VaporBlock Construction Product

VaporBlock® Plus: Dependable Protection for Construction Sites

VaporBlock Plus is an easy-to-install, seven-layer, co-extruded underslab barrier using high-quality, specially selected, virgin-grade polyethylene and EVOH resins.

VaporBlock Plus can withstand the rigors of a construction site while providing ultimate underslab protection for construction sites in areas where harsh chemicals were previously used and where a high amount of volatile organic compounds are still present.

VaporBlock Plus is equipped with a gas- and liquid-impermeable barrier using the latest EVOH barrier technology, making it 100 times less permeable than typical high-performance polyethylene vapor retarders.

Watch our video to learn more about VaporBlock Plus.

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Viaflex N-Series Geomembrane Product

N-Series: Exceptionally Tough, Yet Flexible Storage Liners and Covers

The DURA-SKRIM® N-Series and the textured NT-Series are our durable, flexible, scrim-reinforced geomembranes.

DURA-SKRIM is used in applications that demand exceptional outdoor life requiring up to 20 years of exposure. DURA-SKRIM is manufactured from chemical-resistant, linear-low-density polyethylene with excellent cold crack performance and resistance to thermal expansion.

The N-Series’ exceptional toughness, high tensile and puncture strength, longevity, and long-term repairability help it stand out from the rest of the products available in the geosynthetic industry.

Watch our video to learn more about N-Series.

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SoilSeal and VaporSafe Agriculture Products

SoilSeal & VaporSafe®: Fumigant-Trapping Row Mulch Films & More

SoilSeal and VaporSafe are strong and dependable row mulch films that can help enhance your farm’s operational efficiencies while improving your bottom line.

SoilSeal is our strong and dependable non-EVOH row mulch film formulated with premium resins and select thermal and UV stabilizers.

VaporSafe is our premiere seven-layer, co-extruded row mulch fumigation film made from very flexible, linear low-density polyethylene and includes an inner core of gas-impermeable EVOH.

Our made-in-America row mulch films are the go-to choice for farmers across the United States.

Watch our video to learn more about SoilSeal and VaporSafe.

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